Making Space for Unquantifiable Data

hand-made colored icons of domestic tasks and forms of care, arranged around the question 'how do we measure unpaid labor?'.

pen + paper | Illustrator | HTML | CSS | d3.js

follow-up thoughts in DVS Nightingale

Cognitive Load as a Guide: 12 Spectrums to Improve Your Data Visualizations

co-authored with Erin Waldron
published in Nightingale, September 2021

featured on Best of the Visualisation Web
September 2021

The Case for Watercolor Data Viz

Watercolor data viz representing approximately 1% population that may be trans or gender nonconforming.

watercolor paint

Freedom of Speech* Project

homepage for Freedom of Speech* project

Python | R | js | Vue | d3.js

On the Lower Frequencies:
an exploratory concordance tool for
Invisible Man

R | d3.js | HTML | CSS | Parcel

A Split Vote: Maine 2020


Countdown to November 3

pen & postcards | linoleum block print

StreetEasy NYC Median Rent exploration

Python | d3.js | HTML | CSS

All the Single Ladies Go To Mississippi,
and Married Men Go to Utah

ArcGIS | American FactFinder | R