Spotlight: How Do We Measure Unpaid Labor?

follow-up thoughts on this project,
published in Nightingale, January 2022

Cognitive Load as a Guide: 12 Spectrums to Improve Your Data Visualizations

co-authored with Erin Waldron
published in Nightingale, September 2021

featured on Best of the Visualisation Web
September 2021

The Case for Watercolor Data Viz

Watercolor data viz representing approximately 1% population that may be trans or gender nonconforming.

musings on data viz with watercolor paint

Visualizing The Washington Post's police shooting dataset

An article title and spikemap showing police shooting deaths in the US since 2015

published on Medium for TWO-N Studio, September 2020

Report on COVID-19’s Impact on CUNY Students
Data For Public Good

A line graph of CUNY college enrollments.

co-authored report | R | Google Data Studio

Text Messaging:
Not A Hot New Epistolary Form

A line graph of text messages 'ilu' and 'i love you'.

R | Voyant | CUNY Academic Commons